Blackjack Tips

Choose a basic strategy and follow it.

If you are going to gamble in an online casino, it is useful to always remember one thing: in principle the house (the casino) always has an advantage over the players. One way to drastically reduce this benefit in blackjack is to use strategy.

Do not take out insurance

It is not wise to take an insurance policy in the blackjack game. Taking out an insurance policy with blackjack means that the player can place an extra bet (insurance) if the bank / dealer is the first card to have an ace and has the chance to get blackjack. I save you the statistical basis, but you can assume that it is not advantageous to take out such insurance.

Never split two tens

Splitting two tens is not really a good idea. Two tens provide a score of no less than 20. The only better hand you can get is 21. The chance that you will get 21 is not very big. It is difficult enough for the dealer to beat you if you have two tens. It is therefore advisable to apply.

Do not try to win back losses

This tip applies not only to blackjack, but to virtually every (online) casino game. It is a human response to try to win losses back. Often, after a lost round extra effort are made to make up for it. Do not do this. Casino games remain gambling games and losses are part of it. Trying to recover losses often makes the situation worse!

Note the minimum bet of the table

If you are going to play blackjack, it is important that you select a table with a minimum bet that suits your budget. If you want to play with € 100, it’s better not to play at a table with a minimum bet of € 25. If you then lose four rounds in a row, you are already through your money and that is not our intention. This tip applies to online blackjack players as well as players in a normal physical casino.

Know the rules

This tip seems obvious to me, but experience shows that this is not always the case. Before you think about playing blackjack, let alone winning money with blackjack, you need to know the blackjack rules from A to Z.

Never adjust to 11 or lower

Passing on a number of points of 11 or lower is actually rather inconvenient. You can never lose on this number of points, because you cannot exceed 21 points. Passing would therefore be a shame.

Play short sessions

It is better not to play blackjack for too long. You often lose concentration when you play a game long and intensively. Stop, for example, after half an hour and continue at another time.

Know your own playing limit

This is of course a general tip, but certainly not unimportant advice: NEVER play with money that you cannot miss. So only play casino games for real money if it is not a disaster if you lose that money.

Always split two aces

If you have two aces in your hand, splitting is the best option. Statistically speaking, that gives you the best chance of winning.

Practice a lot

It is always advisable to practice with blackjack first before you play with real money.